Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Bush to Beach Walk Photos and Reflections

We had a great turnout despite the clouds, rain, and cold wind.

Thanks Phil for suggesting the photo! Thanks also to Robyn for taking it.
A wonderful display of orchids and wildflowers greeted us as we entered the bushland, including this spider orchid just beside the path.
Further along we came across the blue lechanaultia in the former POW camp site.

Adjacent to the blue lechanaultia was a blue lady orchid (Thelymitra crinita) (not yet in flower).
Also nearby to the blue lechanaultia was a patch of Blue Squill (thanks Marg for identifying it for me) (Chamaescilla corymbosa). The flowers should open soon.
After leaving Shenton Bushland we headed South to a very warm reception at Hollywood Reserve and a welcome morning tea. Thank you Trish and the Friends of Hollywood! At one point I noticed everyone pointing up into a tree ... what could it be?
When I got close enough I found Marg photographing a Tawny Frogmouth (thanks for the correction Les) in the tree.
(Thanks Marg for the photo)
Revived and refreshed we headed off to Lake Claremont. Where Heidi and Jane showed us around and gave us background information about the wetland and its history.
Making our way around the edge of the lake we went out onto the bird hide out in the lake.
Looking down from the hide we could see Long Necked Tortoises.
(Thanks Marg for the photo)
 We continued around the lake admiring the bird life ...
(Thanks Marg for the photo)
Eventually got to the spot where the Friends of Lake Claremont were busy with their work - they have been very busy this winter with thousands of plants planted and fenced off ...
It was great to relax in the sun and contemplate all that we had seen... and plan our walk for next year.

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